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It's easy to join the Cryptal Bulls Club! Hold our Coin of the Month and you could win this NFT!

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Next winner to be announced in:

           Start Hodling Now!

     How To Join Cryptal Bulls


Verify your account on Cryptal

You must have a verified account to win. If you're already registered, that's great! You will still need to verify your account if you haven't already.


Join our social media channels

Subscribe to our YouTube channel:

Join the Cryptal Friends Facebook group:

Join our Telegram Channel:


Deposit MANA in your Cryptal wallet

This month's coin is MANA. Create a MANA wallet on Cryptal, then buy MANA on our exchange or transfer coins from another wallet. The goal is to collect and hold the coin of the month with Cryptal.
  • For example, Alice deposits 10 MANA on the 28th of the month and keeps it there for the rest of the month. Alice gets 10 points every day for the four remaining days of the month (28-31). At the end of the month, Alice will have 40 points in total.

  • Bob transfers 5 MANA to Cryptal on the first of the month and holds it until the end of the month. On the last day Bob will have 155 points (5 * 31).


​The hodler with the most points wins the Bulls On The Block NFT!

Why Cyptal Bulls? Why an NFT?

  • The NFT market is on the rise and it's a smart investment.

  • Club members may have opportunities
    to participate in and speak at our offline events.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate if I'm already registered?


This promotion is open to all verified customers who hold MANA in their Cryptal wallet.

Can I transfer MANA from another wallet?

Yes. You can deposit MANA from any other wallet

When will the winner receive the NFT?

Within 2 days after the winner is announced.

Can I sell the NFT if I win?

If you win the NFT, you become the owner and have full rights to it, including the right to sell it.

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Don't miss your chance to win...
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Contact us

+995 322 053 253

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